Art of The Day - Les Amants


Les Amants

I've written an in-depth post on Rene Magritte's Les Amants before. Check it out if you want a really thorough description of what I think about this amazing painting, one of my favourites.

les amants

Basically, I talked about why these two people are blindfolded. I sometimes feel like people are so concerned with getting married, and being "in love" that they blindly rush in. I posited that they are so consumed with the notion of loving somebody, kissing somebody that they do not care at all who it is.

A lot of that has to do with fear; fear of being alone, of never finding someone. When I wrote about this painting, I talked about the many possibilities of why their heads are covered.

Are they blind to each others proclivities? Are they blind to everything? Or maybe they just don't need to see to be in love, since that comes from the soul?

I wanted to revisit Les Amants again and see what you all think about it now!