All White Everything


All White Everything

I'm really excited about it getting hot because I get to wear all white everything!

all white everything 517

It's a very simple outfit, and even though I am wearing my DIY skirt, it still looks chic. Of course the Louboutins ($675) and the Chanel bag ($3,000) help with that. The black and red lipstick (Ruby Woo, $17) also break up the monotony of the all white everything look.

I am loving these v-front tops. They make my short upper body look longer, which I think is super helpful when wearing crop tops. And as you can see, I'm posing with my piano ;)

If I can't play it, I'm gonna use it as a backdrop! I used to play a lot when I was younger, but decided having long nails was more beneficial to my life, so there you have it.

all white everything 512

Get The Look

all white everything 516

I used to be obsessed with the top and skirt matching perfectly, but now I think it actually looks better if they're a little different.

I have so many dresses that it's nice to break it up a little. It's still 'all white everything' even if the hue isn't perfectly matched!

all white everything 513

If I'm wearing Louboutins, I gotta have that red lipstick! There's something so cute about matching it to the bottoms of the shoes.

The jewelry is very simple too. The Chanel bag is probably the most vital accessory here, so I just went with simple earrings and my favourite square rings.

all white everything 515

I hope you're all ready for summer!