Alberto Giacometti -- Art Of The Day

Alberto Giacometti -- Art Of The Day

Today's art of the day is Michel Leiris Frontal View, by Alberto Giacometti.

michel leiris alberto Giacometti art drawing sketches

Michel Leiris was a surrealist writer and later published magazine articles on his friends, one of whom was Alberto Giacometti. It's interesting how the two friends 'paid each other back.' Leiris by sitting for him, and Giacometti for letting himself be interviewed.

Giacometti was a draughtsman and I find it interesting how he chose to render the face. He treated this sketch as a draft with all the horizontal and vertical lines. This drawing is dissecting. Like my last post about Harold Edgerton, this drawing once again makes me think of a bridged gap between art and science, engineering.

The face is not something traditionally drawn with science in mind. A portrait is traditionally artistic, and conveys emotion. Giacometti showed a more scientific approach to portraiture. Even the title of the painting, "Frontal View," conveys a scientific approach. This is the title of building drafts. Yet the artistry is not sacrificed. The emotion is still conveyed on Leiris' face.

I think bridging the gap between science and art is an artist's greatest strength.