a lifestyle

We have all been criticized for our choices. People always ask me "why are you dressed up?" or say "you're making us feel bad." Fashion is a lifestyle, and it is my lifestyle choice, for which I need make no excuses. For some reason, people feel that fashion is shallow. How is it different form art? Would anyone say art lovers are shallow?

How is styling yourself different from what an interior designer does -- styling homes. No one would ever call someone who has a beautiful home "shallow." But fashion got a rap as being something only for people who are vain or materialistic. I want to change that. People who choose a fashion-forward lifestyle are thoughtful, creative, and interesting.

I think being dressed well is beautiful. Someone who puts an effort into their appearance is not only respecting themselves, but all others who see him or her throughout the day.

Around this time of year I start seeing a lot of color. I first saw a bright red suit a couple of years ago. But I thought I would probably never have a chance to wear an actual suit, so I bought the one I'm wearing from Juicy Couture, it turned out to be a great purchase.

It's not around anymore, but I found some similar options.  This Edun Suit is totally epic, and the color is dead-on. I absolutely love it, and you can wear both pieces separately. Another option is a jumpsuit, if you don't wanna hassle with a two piece. This one is a bit more "suity," and looks amazing on. And of course the classic nude Manolos (or these)!

I chose a fashion lifestyle because it was something I have always wanted. It isn't a choice I made as a result of heavy, influential advertising. Our passions hardly ever are.

When I first took some pictures and looked at them on my computer I saw something in myself I've never seen before. It looked like I was genuinely content. I felt like this was truly what I wanted, to have a lifestyle where fashion is front and center. I didn't care if anything ever came out of this blog, it just felt right to share it with the world.

Accessories: vintage Chanel (similar here) or a non-chanel version ;)  Leather wrap bracelet (similar here), and twisty thread earrings (similar here, or here).


To me, this lifestyle means much more than dressing in something expensive. It is about being true to yourself and your style. It is finding what you love, and not letting anyone influence your opinions. A lifestyle is not bendable under others' influence. It is who we are.