How to bring 90s fashion into the present

How To Bring 90s Fashion Into The Present

crop tops and long skirts

90s fashion 0003

Everywhere I look, 90s fashion seems to be coming back. The crop top was the first major sign, followed by overalls. While I'm not a fan of overalls, 90s fashion always brings back a hint of nostalgia (yes I'm THAT old), and for some reason memories of TLC videos.

I recently found a picture of myself wearing a crop top and high waist jean shorts from 20 years ago, and I thought 'how can we blend 90s fashion with the trends of the present?'

For starters, it's all about silhouettes. Modern trends are more a combination of minimalism with elements from the 90s. In this example, my skirt has clean lines and a form-fitting shape. The slit is a U shape which makes a better fit, different from the shapeless long skirts we saw in the 90s.

The top is also simple, censor bar-type crop top. Not too different from the tops of the 90s, except there's no writing on it, and no weird cut outs. DIY tip: cut the bottom off an old tube top ;)) 90s fashion 0001

Even the ever popular leather jacket is from 90s fashion. Because of all the snaps and zippers, mine is a bit more 90s looking, but the cleaner styles look very modern.

Trouve leather jacket Alexander Wang jacket Blank NYC faux leather Tory Burch leather moto

90s fashion 0002

The top makes this look a perfect ode to 90s fashion, as well as an outfit that's great in the summer.

Urban Outfitters tube top Dion Lee strapless crop top Forever21 notched crop top

The architectural looks of the last two tops show a perfect blend of modernism and the 90s.

Missguided is another brand that does a great job of blending the two. This dress, with its sleek look is very minimal and current, but the choker adds a 90s vibe. Choker dresses are huge now, and were a hit in the 90s as well. This dress has all the 90s fashion elements -- choker, tube top, and mesh -- but the midi length and form-fitting silhouette take it into the present.

90s fashion 0005

Maxi skirts are another trend that's come back from the 90s. The difference is, they are no longer shapeless sacks. The form-fitting long skirts are great examples of modern styles.

Helmut Lang Maxi skirt Helmut Lang draped skirt Missguided choker cutout maxi dress Missguided choker midi dress

90s fashion 0004


The bucket bag is also a nod to 90s fashion, as well as the leopard print. And since it's so cute, I figured we can make it work.

Stella McCartney faux fur bag les petits joueurs bucket bag Ferragamo fur bag Olivia Miller leopard print bag

90s fashion 0006

Finally, the shoes, one of the easiest ways to tell what decade we're in. Once again, keeping up with modern trends, my shoes are very minimal. Back in the 90s shoes were bulky with thick flared heels. New shoes are a great way to bring a 90s fashion staple into the present.

Manolo Blahnik Chaos Stuart Weitzman Nudist Manolo Blahnik square heel sandal BP Luminate Sandals

So there you have it, a 90s fashion look brought into the present. Because of the modern silhouettes, we can easily take pieces from past decades and transform them.

Let me know how you modernize your 90s looks!