I know I know what its like

I know to reach for you

At night.

You’re not there

or are you?


The Anger, the fear

I know

I know what its like

Hanging, clinging

The fear on my back, pushing me


I am the Mason


When you are gone

(All the time now)

I create for you

I create you

Inside my brick tower, a version

of you is here

with me

The fear is not


I’m safe. I can reach for you

(the real you)

Outside of the tower

But you’re farther, everyday father.

And I am safe


You’re all fools, I scream


The shoddy construction is part of the plan.

The fear, my only fried

helped me to build these walls

Brick by brick


But it crumbles with each breath

I take --

And you take

Because you see, lover

I’m no good with the plaster --

It crumbles

with the slightest


of my hand.


Imagine --

what would happen

if you touched it

with yours.