How to: 90s

It looks like the 90s are having a moment (at least I hope they are). Crop tops, high waist stuff.. all that stuff was in style before. 

This jumpsuit is more from the 80s I guess.. with the padded shoulders and loose silhouette, but we can just call it early 90s. It kind of reminds me of the Balmain jumpsuits from a couple of seasons ago. The 90s are also all over the runways at Versace, with big belt buckles and low cut, loose tops. I'm always happy when I find something similar in my own closet.

The open back and super low front also reminds of the the early 80s and 90s. I don't know why I like that decade so much, maybe it's because my hair suits it perfectly.

I think this suit does a good job of bridging the past with the present.

Also the openness of the whole thing makes it cool in the summer. And the fabric is thin and breathable.

The velvet suit above is especially reminiscent of the 90s. Velvet is another thing that was popular back then and having a moment in the present.

These options from Missguided are better priced, and a perfect example of bringing past trends back into style.

One of my favourite 90s trends is of course the chain belt. I absolutely love them, especially this vintage Chloe belt I found somewhere. I love wearing it as a necklace too, even though it's kind of heavy. The two gold details break apart all the black, and add a dressy element to this look.


Complete the look with this super cute (and cheap) bangle from Charlotte Russe