Instantly get those summer vibes going with this one colour!

I love how monochrome looks, but it's harder to do with colours other than black and white. Wearing white in the summer is perfect, but this colour really makes me feel cheerful and summery.



It actually turned out pretty well, despite the suit and skirt being a different colour. This one actually ended up being one of my favourites, so I put together a few looks for you guys.

The key to making this look polished is the midi length skirt. It makes this very inexpensive outfit look more high end.

Velvet has been having a moment as well. Personally, it's not my thing, but this skirt and body would look great together.

When I looked for bodysuits to add to this blog, I had to sift through thousands! And I can see why. Another trick to looking well put-together is tucking your shirt in. With a bodysuit, you don't have the problem of your shirt constantly coming untucked. And you can get away with a low back or the drop-arm, like this one, without losing anything. :P

Even though the skirt and suit don't match, it still works. The ruffles on the suit and skirt below compliment each other well even though they are not a set.

This is another set that doesn't really match (actually none of them do, but that's the fun of it). I like this longer skirt. Even though it's summer, a longer skirt works as long as it's pink!


In keeping with the all pink theme, this rose quartz bracelet completes the look


These shoes are actually DIY, which is very simple, just glue some fur to a plain black sandal!

Check out these TopShop sandals if you're not the DIY type.. and they come in pink too!