Fourth of July outfit cycling

I'm back today with a VERY timely post for you about my Fourth of July outfits!

Although it wasn't as hot as it is now, (48C recorded in some parts!) these outfits can work all summer long.

I'm a huge fan of planning a day's worth of costume changes at once, so this was fun.




Let's go ride scooters

I love that there are so many ride-share options out there today. I hope we'll eventually be able to rent cars using an app similar to the scooter renting app. I've agonized for days over what to wear to this event... and came up with this brilliant outfit I consider 'sporty.'


A gold bralette and leggings are obviously what you'd wear, right?

For the summer, a gold bralette is a must!

Leggings have been my go-to pant for a while and I love the Forever21 pants for $3.90!



Athletic footwear is a must when riding scooters. These low heeled sandals are clearly up to the task.

switch to a Body con for the evening

Don't you love it when you're hanging out, looking amazing... then evening rolls around, you switch to your 'evening dress,' and everyone just loses their minds? That's what this dress is for.

The body-con dress is perfect for a costume change in the evening. It's a simple way to change up your look, and doesn't require a lot of work. I mean, getting into one might be a task... but its worth it.


A tan shoe and bag complete this night transformation

Leave me a comment and let me know what you are getting up to this summer!