Heatwave approved

Every year we have those days when the heat is just unbearable. In my closet I always strive to have an outfit for every occasion. So when I am not paralyzed by heat (which is rare) I pull out this look for a heatwave approved get-up. 

I know the gold is from last year, when that chick wore it in the Despacito video. Unfortunately, I don't care. I like what I like and it doesn't matter if it's current or not!

You don't have to be like me though. These black ones are from this season.

I love that the gold looks like a net, and this whole outfit has that 'catch of the day' vibe. It's perfect for the hot summer days/nights we are having, and the look can be worn day and night, and over a bathing suit.

 The two dresses below are a little nicer, and something you could actually wear in a more modest setting.

I wanted whatever was underneath to look very seamless, and the flesh-tone bra literally makes it look like there's nothing underneath. A lot of sheer dresses popped up last year, so I just went down to target to get some full coverage underwear. The packs they sell have a lot of different colours so you can change it up. Wearing all tan under a dress like this also looks pretty cool.

IMG_0013 (1).jpg

Don't forget to add a belt, as it is the only thing missing from this look :DD


Catch of the day -- These T-strap sandals

Obviously the shoes are a little more appropriate for the night time, but I just love these heels so much. Also I love sitting down in them, that's my favourite.

Hope you guys are staying cool out there!