How to: suede in the summer

I suffer from a disease. It does not have a name, but its' main symptom is an inability to dress appropriately for the weather. Another symptom is planning winter outfits in the summer and vice versa. This year, I just decided to lean in. Instead of fighting against my urges, I will wear what I want regardless of season.

Enter, suede pants.

You might be wondering: how does one idiot wear suede in the summer? Well I have a life hack for you: faux suede!

If you're like me and you only ever wear black, summer can pose a few problems. I have the hardest time finding an outfit I can wear casually. For me casual is obviously something fancy with high heels.. So I put together this look to help you navigate.

I love suede pants. They're such a nice alternative to jeans, and they look very cool. These are just like leggings, but they look a little more dressed up. In an attempt to wear leggings less, they are the perfect pants.

The faux suede fabric also obviously lacks the bulk and warmth of real leather, so they can be worn all year.

Paired with a silk white tank, this look has the perfect combination of dressy and casual that I love.

If you're not into pants, here are some other suede things that are not really suede:

Let's talk for a second about looking well put-together. It doesn't matter at all how expensive your clothes are, if they don't fit right they will always look sloppy. Tucking a shirt in is a great way to immediately look neater.

Another thing I like to do is get rid of bra straps completely. I can get away with wearing a cross back bra with this shirt, but I feel like a strapless one makes this look so much more minimal and simple.


Two manolos just aren't enough..

I hit the shoe jackpot with the Manolo Chaos. The three inch heel is the perfect height; you can walk around for hours but they still give you a little extra boost. The tan colour is perfect for summer and goes with virtually everything else!