The ultimate styling guide for pixie cuts

Do you ever look at photos of your hairstyles from the days of yore, and cringe?

So do I. And I've had A LOT of different hair colours and styles. My hair has been short for almost five years now, and I really like it on myself. Over the years I tried a lot of different ways of styling my hair. And despite what anyone might say, there are tons of things you can do to short hair. My goal is always to stand out from the masses. So I put together this little list of some of the styles I do, that I feel are more unique than your average pixie cut.

the every day look

This is my go-to every day look when I have nothing special planned. It's super easy to create, I start out while my hair is wet, and add a cheap gel. The one I use is called Eco Styler olive oil gel. It can be found in any pharmacy store, usually in the ethnic hair section, but I found that it works well on my hair. A lot of gels targeted toward white people contain alcohol, and I try to avoid that. The Eco Styler also comes in a huge jar for around six bucks.

I like having some texture, so I try to curl my hair with my fingers while it is wet. Once it's all dry, you cn use a travel size flat iron to add curls to it. This look works great with any makeup, and can be dressed up easily with a smoky eye.

the fingerwave

This hairstyle is definitely more challenging, but practice makes perfect! I usually wear this on second-day hair thats not freshly washed. It just stays better this way.

Once again it requires a lot of the Eco Styler gel I use all the time. The trick is to create Cs with a small comb in alternating directions. Start with wet hair, part it on the side, add some gel and make some waves.

Since this hairstyle is very period-specific, I always try to add some very modern makeup and keep my outfit simple.


One of the best things about having short hair is being able to have bangs without hiding your face. When I had long hair and bangs, I felt like so much of my face was covered. This look is great for literally any outfit; I wear it with casual jeans, and LBDs for a night out. When styling my hair I wait for it to dry and use a pomade (Rusk Putty) to style my bangs into place. You can also use a flat iron to make sure it all lays in place. Just play around with it until it looks how you want it to!

the wet look

Obviously, the 90s are my insipiation for a lot of my hair styles. This look is something I consider to be the short hair version of beach waves. I took my inspiration from Rihanna's Vogue Brasil shoot, and Linda Evangelista's iconic photos. I think something about this style just screams summer.

Once again I start out with my hair wet, and add gel while combing all my hair into my face with my fingers. I then arrange some stray pieces to make it look messy and nonchalant. That's usually all the styling I need for this look.

another wet look

Another variation of the wet bangs look is this one I choose to wear with red lipstick. It's pretty much the same as above, only I try to keep it looking a little more structured. Since red lipstick also looks costume-y on me, I try to have a more current looking hairstyle when I wear it. Otherwise the Betty Boop jokes come rolling in.


If you're considering cutting your hair, I hope this post inspired you that you can do at least a few different things with short hair. It's such a fun style and everyone should try it at least once.. It will grow back sis!