German Expressionism

German Expressionism

For today’s art of the day, I thought I would feature my very first attempt at a video. I shot this at LACMA when I went on their free Tuesday. I really love German Expressionism, and in today’s political climate I think we can learn a lot about how to express ourselves from these artists.

Guys, I have never had a more difficult time making a movie in my life! I really want to make the foray into video, and was thinking about getting a good camera and microphone, but now it looks like that won’t happen until I can get a new computer. It kept giving me the spinning beach ball of death! I felt as bad as Otto Dix, featured in that German Expressionism video above. Otto Dix, Mitschke-Collande (below), Anselm Keifer all took a stand with art, and showed the revolutionary spirit of the time. If you’re in the area please visit LACMA and see this collection.

german expressionism lacma mitschke-collande freiheit

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