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diy blazer vest 447

DIY blazer vest

DIY Blazer Vest

If you remember, my last fashion post was about renewing your wardrobe in simple ways. This DIY blazer vest is one of the items I made to finally catch on to this trend!

diy blazer vest 447

I was so excited to wear this blazer vest mainly because it’s DIY. It wasn’t too hard to do, if you remember from my DIY post, I just used a seam ripper to cut the sleeves off right at the shoulder. If it’s a good jacket, it will have shoulder pads so it will still maintain its’ structure. Then, I just pinned the arm hole down and sewed it up!


diy blazer vest 449

I think it looks very similar to any blazer vest I would buy in a store.

diy blazer vest 443

If you don’t feel like sewing, there are tons of great options out there. This Givenchy is obviously a favourite, but this Michael Kors is probably more affordable.

I also love this long Alexander Wang wool vest, which is better for winter. For summer, this Maison Margiela satin vest is a better fabric. This vest is another great option in a shorter length.

diy blazer vest 444

For the top, I went with a simple white silk tank. I think the silk makes this outfit look chic with just the leggings and a blazer vest.

Joie Alicia tank

Rag & Bone silk tank

Vince cotton/silk blend tank

Caroline Rose silk crepe top

diy blazer vest 448

My pants are plain Forever21 leggings. I have to say I’m glad that it’s now a trend to wear these as pants! I go through about two a year, which I’d say is pretty good for Forever21! Here are some better quality pants that I’ll want to invest in one of these days:

Joseph Cotton leggings

Rag & Bone leggings

Theory pull on leggings.


diy blazer vest 446 diy blazer vest 442

Finally! I’m getting to wear my Dior t-strap sandals! Did I mention these are really uncomfortable? Hopefully these Tom Ford ones are better. I love t-strap sandals and am so glad they’re back in. These Gianvitto Rossi are gorgeous, and I love the fur on these Manolos! These sandals from Nordstrom are a more affordable option.

For my bag, I went with a simple shopper. I think it helps keep this look classic even though it’s paired with some plain leggings.

Prada small tote

Burberry shopper

Ralph Lauren patent leather shopper

diy blazer vest 445

If you remember yesterday’s post, I talked about investing in classic jewelry that will stay in style forever. This gold chain is a perfect example of something that you will get a ton of use out of, because it’s never going to go out of style! I also wore a few plain gold bangles; another key investment for your jewelry collection.


What do you guys think about this blazer? Would you try something like this?

simply diy inspiration 425

Simple DIY Inspiration

Simple DIY Inspiration

Today’s post is about some simple DIY things you can do to spruce up your wardrobe.

I love clothes and shoes, but it’s not always an option to buy myself whatever I want. Luckily, there are a few simply DIY tricks that anyone can do to their existing wardrobe!

simple diy inspiration 425

When I say simple DIY I’m really talking about taking something you no longer wear and changing it somehow. All these clothes were already made but then I came in and made them different.

Cutting Off Sleeves

simple diy inspiration 391

This was a really cool DIY I just did recently. I haven’t even worn it yet. Cutting the sleeves off is a great way to take something old and turn it into something you’ll wear again.

This was a huge commitment, especially since the Elizabeth and James blazer was expensive. So before cutting it all up, I asked myself ‘when was the last time I wore it?’ If the answer is more than six months ago, go ahead and cut it up.

This is a really simple DIY but it does require some sewing skill to finish up. I just cut the sleeves off by taking apart the shoulder seam, and then folded under and sewed up the arm hole! It can be done even without a sewing machine, using a blind hem. It’s not perfect, but it looks very chic, and perfect to add to your summertime work wardrobe.

Adding Slits

simple diy inspiration 427 simple diy inspiration 422

Adding slits is a super simple DIY way to change a dress, skirt, or even a jumpsuit! The white dress is also hemmed at the bottom, and I removed some weird side adornments that it came with. Here it is in action.

simple diy inspiration 399

The blue jumpsuit was a more arduous process. I had to open up the front seam, then fold BOTH sides over, and stitch BOTH sides, on BOTH legs.

I noticed this trend on pants recently and thought it would be good to try. This suit is an excellent silk piece but it was a little dated in the style it was before. Adding the slits renewed it, and it worked well on Christmas, and I’m sure will continue to serve me in the summer. Here is a similar already made jumpsuit.

simple diy inspiration 396simple diy inspiration 423

Slits don’t only apply to bottoms though! I love what I did with this trench from forever21. Much like the blue suit above, I cut open the inside sleeve seam and stitched it down on both sides. This simple DIY made this old trench one of my favourite pieces to wear!

Taking Things In

simple diy inspiration 416

One of the most common types of DIY is making something smaller; taking it in, or hemming something. It’s what I did with this Haute Hippie skirt. By folding the waist band straight across and hand sewing it down (only on the waistband), I made it look like a fold-over skirt! And I wear it all the time.

This is useful if you bought something that you thought would fit, but was too big, and you can’t return it (or don’t want to!).

simple diy inspiration 393 simply diy inspiration 392


simple diy inspiration 395

By far, my most popular DIY was these shoes. They were originally a t-strap sandal, and what I did first was cut the ‘T’ part off and wear them as lace-ups. But I thought, why not go the extra mile and add some fur! So I cut the fur off my Victoria’s Secret slippers (which, conveniently, was all one piece) and sewed it onto the strap here!

This was super easy and fun, and I’m glad I’m the only one who has these shoes.

Changing Something Completely

simple diy inspiration 421

Not exactly a simple DIY, this skirt was once a ruched mini. I took apart the bottom hem and side seams, and removed the elastic, and then sewed the side seams back up. The top layer looks longer, but now it’s just like one of those overlay skirts.

simple diy inspiration 400 simple diy inspiration 424

The bodysuit was another super trendy thing at the time I made it. I’ve been seeing less and less of them now, so I’m glad I didn’t buy one and went with this DIY instead. You can find my full how-to post here.

simple diy inspiration 401 simple diy inspiration 402

This top is probably one of the biggest transformations. It’s made from the lining of this Phillip Lim dress, from Gossip Girl. I loved that dress but it became way too recognizable to wear ten years on. So I cut the lining out, cropped it and sewed up the bottom hem. Now I have a perfectly timeless navy silk tank.

My plan for the rest of the dress is to turn the crystal covered top part into a sleeveless crop top. So stay tuned!

diy culottes 6

DIY culottes

Finally Giving In To The Trend With DIY Culottes

I never had the desire to wear culottes. I always thought they made me look huge and stumpy at the same time. But I found a way to make it work: DIY culottes made out of old flared jeans.

diy culottes 2

Another trend I’ve seen with jeans is the uneven hem, and I thought, ‘maybe I can kill two birds with one stone.’ So I took an old pair of J Brand jeans that were way too long for me even with the two-inch cuff I already had on there, and cut them into these mid-calf DIY culottes.

diy culottes 4

I know they’re not exactly the traditional culottes, but I like this version even better, probably because I used something in my closet!

I love J Brand jeans for their fit, but the length can be a bit of a problem for us shorter girls, thats why DIY culottes are perfect, but these cropped versions would look great as well.

diy culottes 5

I haven’t given enough credit to the amazing shirts by Joie. I love their plain black tops to go with my DIY culottes. They have some of the best quality silk on the market.

diy culottes 3



diy culottes 1)

Since these are DIY culottes, I wanted to add some nicer accessories, so I went with my Chanel bag, similar here, and here.


diy culottes 6

I thought it would be cute to have some furry shoes peaking out from under flared pants. These are yet another DIY item from my closet, inspired by these ‘Wild Russian’ Aquazzuras — named for me, obviously ;))

I hope you all had an amazing holiday, and have some incredible plans for the new year!

DIY cross front top

DIY Cross Front Top

YSL into the future

diy cross front top 0056

As you may have noticed, I’ve been wearing crop tops a lot lately. I never thought I’d like this trend as much as I do.

This DIY cross front top is just another spin on the crop tops I love. The cross gives it an upside down V shape, that is a great way for me to make my short upper body look more proportional!

I got this tutorial from a pair & a spare, but I didn’t read it thoroughly ;)) so I ended up having to sew the crossed pieces together in the back since they were too short to tie. You can do that as well, or use a longer tank or dress.

diy cross front top 0062

It’s a pretty simple DIY that doesn’t require any sewing if you do it right! Geneva gives great step by step instructions. Something I unfortunately didn’t photograph while working on mine.

The end result turned out great, and looks just as professional, if not more so, than a forever21 crop top.

These Missguided tops were the inspiration:

Buckle detail wrap top
Bandage crop top
Wrapover crop top

I also love this Alexander Wang crop top, the criss cross is in the straps, which is also a great look. Finally, this ASOS top is another simple option if you don’t feel like making your own.

diy cross front top 0059

The DIY cross front top also allowed me to bring my YSL pants into the future.

I got these slacks vintage in 2007, right after St. Laurent passed away. The small crop top calls for some menswear structured slacks, and these were just right.

YSL vinage trouser (similar here)
St. Laurent grain de poudre pants
St. Laurent high waist pants

They just don’t make them like the vintage YSL pants anymore. But these Akris pants would be a great fit here. Halston is one of my favorite designers, and their high waist pants with a leather waistband are amazing. Of course, Vince is another great designer for some minimalist black pants.

diy cross front top 0060 diy cross front top 0058

These pants are actually a very dark brown, or even a grayish black. I wouldn’t normally wear so much black, but the pants offset that a little bit.

Ferragamo Camy clutch
Ferragamo May bag

diy cross front top 0061

I’ve been seeing a lot of celebrities wear the menswear inspired trouser with some Mary Jane shoes. I really like this look, especially since it gives me a chance to wear the Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes I’ve had for years. Yes, the ones from Sex and the City ;)

Since then, these classic shoes have gotten a bit of a makeover. The heel is narrower and the strap is thinner, in this modern version. However, Manolo hasn’t abandoned the classic style either.
diy cross front top 0064

I absolutely loved this DIY cross front top, and have been wearing it a lot!

Do you have any DIY pieces you just love? Leave me a comment with your fave!


DIY lace-up bodysuit

diy lace-up bodysuit 0921

As you may have noticed from my last post, I’ve had a major DIY insurgence in my closet. I want new clothes, but don’t want to spend the money! This lace-up bodysuit is a perfect way to make your wardrobe more current.

This time, I have the step-by-step of how I made mine.

The only thing I had to buy was the eyelet puncher. It was $4.97 from Home Depot.

diy lace-up bodysuit 0362  diy lace-up bodysuit 0926

The first step is to lay out your body suit (you can get those at any dance warehouse for very cheap). And mark it down the center where you will cut it. Also mark where the holes will go. I chose to make eight holes close together to really exaggerate the lace-up portion. I added another hole at the very top after I was finished, because it just looked like it was gaping too much.

Measure the holes to make sure they are the same distance apart from each other and from the center (you can see where I messed up on the third hole on the left).

diy lace-up bodysuit 0363

The next step is to make the actual holes. Do this before cutting anything, as the fabric can get away from you. Once a few holes have been made, you can cut along the center to make it easier to set the eyelets.

This was one of the more labour-intensive DIY’s I have ever done. Make a tiny hole with scissors if you are using a stretchy, knit fabric. Then following the instructions on the package, use the pliers to set the eyelet in the hole.

diy lace-up bodysuit 0364  diy lace-up bodysuit 0365

And finally, you can pin the raw edge and sew it up either by hand or on a sewing machine. In retrospect, it might have been better to set the eyelets further from the center. I would have had a bigger lace-up gap. Although I’m still happy with the way it turned out.

diy lace-up bodysuit 0359

I used the piping that I took off some old drapes as my lace :P

But you can use a thin piece of fabric, rope, long shoelaces, virtually anything that will fit through the hole.

diy lace-up bodysuit 0923

It looks just as good as anything I would find in a store. A homeless man even said he’s taking a picture of me with his mind. So it was a huge hit!

diy lace-up bodysuit 0918        diy lace-up bodysuit 0920

With the mini skirt I thought the outfit might be just a bit too revealing. I threw on this jacket for the cooler evening.

Elizabeth and James long blazer
Elizabeth and James ruched sleeve blazer
EJ stretch blazer
Joseph Laurent blazer
Misguided long jacket

diy lace-up bodysuit 0922

I went with the Ferragamo bag again. It’s very classic and sophisticated, a perfect match to a lace-up bodysuit and mini skirt ;)

Ferragamo clutch
Ferragamo foldover bag

diy lace-up bodysuit 0925

I love the super low back on this bodysuit, and I didn’t want it to just go to waste.

If you don’t want to sew, or torture your hands with the eyelet tool, here are some bodysuits to check out.

Nordstrom tank top bodysuit
Missguided laceup tank
Missguided long sleeve bodysuit
Missguided lace-up suit
Alexander Wang long sleeve bodysuit

diy lace-up bodysuit 0919

I was able to sneak in wearing some boots before it got too hot for the summer.

Christian Louboutin Babel boots
Louboutin Fifibotta
Manolo Blahnik boots
Christian Louboutin suede boots

diy lace-up bodysuit 0924

At first I thought about wearing a leather mini skirt, but thought that might be a bit much, especially in the summer.

BCBG bandage mini skirt
Valentino RED mini
See by Chloe skirt

Happy Monday and have a great week!

major DIY kick

major diy 907

I’ve been on a major DIY kick lately. Everything that I’m wearing today (except the jewelry and shoes) are DIY items.

The top, skirt, and even the bag are repurposed into new things I will actually wear!

I’ve also been learning how to pose :PP
major diy 901

I don’t know if we’ll be needing a jacket for a while, but just in case, a light trench is a great choice for summer.

Micheal Kors short trench
Missguided waterfall trench
Burberry light trench

major diy 902

This skirt used to be a ruched mini, but I took out the elastic along the sides and it has turned into one of those skirts with a sheer overlay.

Missguided crepe skirt
Alice + Olivia pencil skirt
IRO netted skirt
Missguided mesh skirt
T by Alexander Wang eyelet skirt

major diy 903

major diy 904                         major diy 905

I apologize for not having a video or instructions for how I made this top. But it’s really very easy! I took an old tank (this one is T by Alexander Wang), cut up along the seams and cut off a piece in the back. That makes the length consistent with a crop top. Then, I cut right down the middle, wrapped the pieces around and stitched them together in the back.

If you don’t sew, you can tie the wrap pieces in the back. Just remember to choose a dress or a very long tank, so you have enough room. I messed up with the black top I made like this, it was too short to tie.

I was worried this top looks too much like gauze, but given how hot it’s been recently, I was happy to have something so thin and cool!

I think I ended up with a top that is just as good as the ones for sale now, maybe even better!

Missguided halter neck top
Missguided wraparound tank
Alice + Olivia top (and matching pant)

major diy 906

I made this bag back in 2013 when the lunch bag was in style. To be honest, this isn’t really a DIY because the bag was already made. I just took off the strap and turned it into a clutch. I think it’s still a worthy DIY though!

Missguided roll top clutch
Marie Turnor lunch bag
Zilla clutch

major diy 908

Simple sandals are the perfect shoes for this look. I have made a DIY shoe before, but these are Manolo Blahnik Chaos.

Stuart Weitzman Nudist
BP Luminate
Schutz Cadey sandal

major diy 909


Tiffany’s diamond earrings
Honeycomb ring
Round ring set
Vita Fede mini ring
Vita Fede titan ring
Sam Edelman ring set

major diy 900


I hope you’re inspired to upcycle some of the things in your closet!


selfmade 0797

I’m all about making what you can out of clothes you no longer wear. It’s sustainable, and connects well with my Wabi Sabi world view. Transience doesn’t just mean the end of something, but also a beginning of something else.

This skirt used to be a James Perse ruched mini, but I didn’t like how it looked. Just because something no longer works in its’ original form, doesn’t mean it is no longer useful. So I changed the skirt into a knee-length.

The ruched look appears cheap in my opinion, simple structure is always better.

selfmade 0798

I’ve been loving the matching skirt/crop top trend, and as I was looking through the Forever21 section, I realized a lot of these outfits can be made with things I already have. Probably end up better quality than Forever21, too.

So I took the stretchy elastic out of the skirt, which wasn’t easy, because the lining was sewn to the outer part, and the entire length and hem was covered in elastic.

I wish I took before and after photos. But the end result looks a lot like the skirts with a sheer outer layer.

Missguided sheer layer skirt
Missguided pencil skirt
Alexander Wang mesh skirt
Missguided mesh skirt
IRO sheer overlay skirt
Alice + Olivia pencil skirt

selfmade 0795   selfmade 0792

To DIY this look with a skirt you already own, all you need is small scissors, or a seam ripper if you have one.

You can use a sewing machine to sew up the seams after you’re done, but if you don’t have one, you can easily do this by hand. If you’re not a great sewist (sewer?? nah.) like me, sewing by hand might be even better.

You can’t see, but there are a lot of uneven stitches on the hem of this skirt. I also ripped a stitch on the top when I tried to put it on legs first.

selfmade 0796

The top is the easiest part, it’s just a plain tank I cut off and hemmed to a shorter length.

Missguided plain white tank
T by Alexander Wang tank
Splendid plain cami

selfmade 0791    selfmade 0794

I went with some plain black flats to complete the outfit. Wearing flats made this more casual, which I love on a long weekend of relaxing.

Phillip Lim D’Orsay flats
Gianvitto Rossi D’Orsays with ankle strap
Pierre Hardy flats

selfmade 0793


Chanel quilted bag (similar here)
Wrap ring
John Hardy ring
Marc Jacobs bow ring
Gold choker (similar here)

Hope you all had a good Memorial Day Weekend! Are there any self-made outfits you love wearing?

cropping up

The crop top has been cropping up everywhere these days.. see what I did there ;))

cropping up 0469

I recently got a pair of pants from Missguided (post coming soon), and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality.

I looked around on their site, and a lot of the looks are from the minimalism trend that I’ve seen around everywhere. This dress, and this one were the inspirations behind my outfit.

cropping up 0465

I like the matching crop top and skirt combo, like this Nicholas skirt and top, even though it’s not black. This Stella McCartney top and pants is a great set too.

As far as black goes, it’s not necessary to always get a matching set, black goes together easily.

cropping up 0470   cropping up 0467

Alexander Wang wrap skirt (similar here).

The tulip skirt adds a bit of uniqueness to this look; paired with this structured crop top, it puts a new spin on the classic night out getup.

Milly top, matched with a midi skirt is another great look if you don’t feel comfortable in such a tiny top.

cropping up 0466

I made my top from an old tube top i don’t wear, which is also a great idea. Very limited sewing skill is necessary, just cut the top, and use a needle and thread to make a blind hem. Blind hemming is a technique where the needle is used to pull up a tiny stitch so the thread isn’t seen on the face of the garment. (more here)

Jewelry: Gold choker, more found here, and here. Thinner gold chain, found here.

cropping up 0469-1

Furry bucket bag, found here. Similar fur bag here, and an animal-free version by Stella McCartney.


cropping up 0471

I thought mules would be great shoes here, especially these from Tom Ford. These Vince shoes are also very minimal and chic. Similar Rebecca Minkoff, and Joie wedge mules.


Have a great weekend everybody!