Early fall wardrobe

Early Fall Wardrobe

I know it’s actually medium to late fall in some places, but not in LA! For my early fall wardrobe I went with items from my cluster once again. That’s the beauty of living in LA, and also having a wardrobe cluster that works. I can create looks for any weird weather we might be having.

early fall wardrobe 4

I love this little cardigan because it has a kind of square shape. The boxy cardigan looks casual and structured at the same time. It’s perfect for the early fall wardrobe because it’s cotton, so it’s not super warm. And leaving it unbuttoned makes it cooler.

Eileen Fisher linen cardigan
Zero + Maria Cornejo boxy cardigan
Theory textured cardigan

Pair this cardigan with some simple black leggings, and you’re good to go. I also love these Vince leggings, or these Joseph cotton pants, for a more structured look.

early fall wardrobe 1

Since most of my wardrobe cluster outfits have been looking really simple, I wanted to add some jewelry to this casual look. Since I’m wearing the cardigan as a shirt, I went with a body chain (similar here) underneath. And for an extra pop of gold, that also matches with the bag, I wore my Club Monaco bangle.

early fall wardrobe 2

A backpack is a great choice of bag for your early fall wardrobe. It’s kind of reminiscent of going back to school, but this time being one of the cool kids ;))

Rebecca Minkoff backpack
Calvin Klein nylon backpack
Metallic gold bag
Michael Kors studded gold bag
Kate Spade sleek backpack

early fall wardrobe 3

No early fall wardrobe is complete without some ankle boots. These Saint Laurent boots are the perfect transition piece into fall, while these Stuart Weitzman boots are great for walking.

I also love these Saint Laurent booties in a lower heel version. And these boots from Missguided are a great price :))
early fall wardrobe 5

I hope you’re all having a great fall filled with pumpkins and pumpkin spice, and whatever else you like.

Let me know what’s a must in your early fall wardrobe!


Bringing 90s fashion back

Bringing 90s Fashion Back, Courtesy Of The Wardrobe Cluster

Today’s look is very 90s fashion. I’m still working the wardrobe cluster, and I have to say it’s getting pretty challenging. The eighteen items I chose are great, but I have so many amazing things in my closet I’d rather be wearing.

90s fashion 3

I didn’t really care about what I was wearing in the 90s, but when I think about 90s fashion now, I remember high-waist pants, long blazers, and crop tops. These YSL pants I chose for my wardrobe cluster are actually vintage from the 90s.

Saint Laurent wool pants
Saint Laurent high waist trousers
Haider Ackermann high waist pants
Etoile Isabel Marant slacks

90s fashion 2-2

90s fashion 2

I don’t think anything says 90s fashion better than a crop top and blazer. I know I wore this bralette in the last post as well, but I thought with the high-waist pants and oversize blazer, the top is just perfect.

Free People racer back bralette
Free people lace halter
Seamless crochet crop top

This long blazer is one of my favorites, it’s from Missguided, but it’s really good quality. This jacket is perfect for a wardrobe cluster because it can work with a lot of different looks. I wore it as a dress before, and it is one of those jackets that can easily work as a top, as well as outerwear due to its length.

Missguided jacket in tan
Joseph long blazer
Wool mesh long blazer
Leith cozy jacket

90s fashion 6

90s fashion 7

I went with the backpack from the wardrobe cluster. I wish I chose more bags and accessories for the cluster because I feel like I’m carrying a lot of the same things. But the point of this is to show that you don’t need a ton of bags to have a working wardrobe. A backpack is a great unique piece to start with: it fits all your things, but it’s different from the ordinary bags people usually carry.

Gold Cairo backpack
Alexander Wang backpack
Comme des Garcons bag
Akris convertible bag

90s fashion 4

And finally, the 90s fashion trend that started it all: minimalist sandals. This is another perfect item for a wardrobe cluster. A pair of shoes that goes with everything, and remains fashionable across the decades.

Manolo Chaos sandals
BP Luminate sandal
Loeffler Randall scalloped sandal

90s fashion 8


How do you guys think I’m doing so far? I could use some motivation!

The Trench – A Necessity For Every Wardrobe Cluster

The Trench – A Necessity For Every Wardrobe Cluster

The wardrobe cluster continues with one of my favorite items — the trench.

the trench 2

I love this jacket because it works with everything. In the wardrobe cluster, the trench is especially important because a short one like this can work as a top as well.

I cut the sleeves of this jacket to make it a slit sleeve trench, and this way it is much more versatile.

I love a jacket you don’t have to take off indoors. And wearing a bralette under this trench makes it a perfect date night outfit.

the trench 5

Since it’s such a classic, the trench is worth spending some money on. This Burberry jacket is just perfect, but maybe don’t cut the sleeves on this one ;))

This RHIE boucle trench already comes with a slit sleeve, and is a perfect example of the kind of jacket you don’t have to take off indoors.

I also love this Michael Kors trench, it’s a decent price and great quality.

Pairing my jacket with a bralette allows me to unbutton it, or even take it off and still look presentable. Since it’s technically underwear, a bralette isn’t really cheating on the cluster ;)

Free People lace bralette
LFrank lace insert bralette
Fleur du Mal lace bralette

the trench 1

The skirt is another example of versatility. The gold buttons match my jewelry and create a warm tone to the look, but if I unbutton the pockets it becomes a completely different skirt. Sometimes the simplest tweak can make our outfit look completely different.

Dolce & Gabbana wool crepe skirt
Michelle Mason wrap skirt
Versace asymmetrical skirt


the trench 3

My favorite part of the wardrobe cluster is these Saint Laurent boots I chose. I love that pointed toe boots are so in this fall!

Saint Laurent zip booties
Saint Laurent lace up boots
Stuart Weitzman ankle boot
Missguided pointed toe boots

the trench 4

For jewelry I went with the ever-popular choker necklace. Chokers are fun, but I notice they can interfere with eating! This necklace is a perfect compromise.

Jules Smith gold choker
Modern metal choker
Vanessa Mooney necklace

Hope you are all having a great week, and leave me some comments of your thoughts about wardrobe clusters!

birthday outfit

Choosing A Birthday Outfit From The Wardrobe Cluster

The wardrobe cluster continues, this time with my birthday outfit.

My birthday was this weekend! And if you follow me on Instagram, you know I went all out… which isn’t saying a lot for me. But let’s just say there were strippers.

We didn’t really plan on that, but I wanted my birthday outfit to be something dressy for a night out.

birthday outfit 2

I decided to include the LBD in my cluster because I knew my birthday was coming up and I’d need something to wear. Also, the LBD is super versatile and can be dressed up or down, so it’s a must-have in any closet.


birthday outfit 4

I love the racer front of this dress, I think it’s a really flattering neckline for anyone.

Donna Mizani racer front dress
Donna Mizani slit dress
Missguided racer front dress
Missguided side slit dress
Donna Mizani long dress

birthday outfit 6


birthday outfit 8

The cardigan (similar here and here) is also part of my wardrobe cluster. I grabbed it just in case I needed something warm, and it helped make my birthday outfit more casual when we were out at dinner. The cotton fabric and the shrug style also make this piece versatile so it works with an LBD and a lot of other things.

birthday outfit 5

Shoes And Accessories

birthday outfit 3

Okay, I know cheated with the shoes a little, but I think it can be allowed just for the birthday outfit :PP

These sandals are the same ones I upcycled from a pair of T strap shoes. This time I edited them once again by adding fur. I had to wear them because they just looked so cute!

The inspiration for them are these Aquazurra sandals, which are incidentally called “wild Russian.” The furry sandal is having a moment, and I think they’re worth it.

Aquazurra in grey
Loeffler Randall stacked heel
Legend footwear sandals

birthday outfit 7

I don’t include jewelry in the wardrobe cluster so I can have a little fun with that. I chose a gold cuff (another option here) for my birthday outfit, and the roll-top clutch to finish it off.


birthday outfit 1



I hope you all had a great weekend!

Don’t forget to leave me a comment with your wardrobe cluster thoughts ;))

Chic and casual

Wardrobe Cluster Look Two: Chic and Casual

It might not look like it, but the wardrobe cluster is in full swing (sorry I was busy). I’ve been good, and only wearing clothes from what I picked. The last look was a little fancier, but for today I wanted to do a chic and casual outfit.

chic and casual 1

chic and casual 6

I picked this Vince blouse for the wardrobe cluster because it’s so versatile. I also like that it doesn’t have the traditional collar, but a mandarin collar instead; it allows for this chic and casual look.

Vince pocket blouse
Silk blouse
Vince mandarin collar blouse

Another thing I love about button downs is that they can be left unbuttoned to show a hint of a gold bralette, or leave it tied at the waist.

Anthropologie gold bralette
Free people gold bra
Nasty gal bralette

chic and casual 2

The casual pants I chose for my wardrobe cluster are just some Forever21 leggings. Since I don’t need to wear dress pants to work I can get away with just leggings. These Vince leggings are a nicer option too, as well as these Joseph cotton pants.

chic and casual 5

Shoes and Accessories

chic and casual 4

I chose the backpack as one of my bags once again because it is versatile. It fits all my things, but it’s not the standard black handbag. It works well to make this outfit, you guessed it, chic and casual.

Gold Cairo backpack
Akris triangle bag
Akris python bag

For my shoes I went with the Manolo Chaos. The black sandal is another item that’s a must in every wardrobe cluster.

Manolo Blahnik Chaos
Stuart Weitzman Nudist
Loeffler Randall sandals
Sam Edelman patent leather sandal

chic and casual 3

Finally, I added some Chanel earrings and an initial necklace to finish it all off.

I wore this to the Getty Saturday and it was a huge hit ;)



Hope you all have a great weekend!

blazer dress

Wardrobe Cluster Look One: The Blazer Dress

Incidentally, the first look from my wardrobe cluster is a night out look: the blazer dress.

blazer dress 1

I’ve seen this trend around and I thought it would be perfect to try with the blazer in my wardrobe cluster. That’s the beauty of this experiment, almost everything works to create the outfit you want.

It’s an easy look to create with a long blazer, but if it’s too short I’d recommend wearing a mini skirt underneath. Since I don’t consider underwear as part of the wardrobe cluster, I’m wearing a lingerie tube dress underneath.

blazer dress 5

Missguided long blazer
Long blazer in tan
Eileen Fisher linen jacket
Leith long blazer

blazer dress 4

The blazer dress is a really cool trend right now, and I think it’s an awesome outfit. It stands out so much from the usual LBDs or mini skirts that people wear. It’s also a really easy outfit to make out of things you already have.

The wardrobe cluster is a great way to start creating a complete wardrobe. I always recommend getting a long black blazer as one of the key pieces. Having a jacket that can double as a blazer dress prevents us from over consuming and buying more things when we can make do with what we already have.

Another great asset to the long blazer is that it can double as fall ‘jacket,’ if it’s not too cold. I love the ability to wear a jacket like this indoors and out.

blazer dress 3

Shoes and Accessories

blazer dress 6

I have to apologize that I shot this look before I settled on my shoes and handbags, so I’m wearing mules. However, the blazer dress would be perfect with plain tan pumps.

Manolo Blahnik BB pump
Christian Louboutin patent pump
Ivanka Trump Carra shoe
Sergio Rossi stacked heel pump

I settled on a different bag as well, since the one I was originally carrying doesn’t even fit my cell phone ;PP

The clutch bag I chose would look great with a blazer dress and a lot of other things in the wardrobe cluster.

Marie Turnor lunch clutch
boohoo roll top bag
Zilla small clutch

blazer dress 2

And finally, since I don’t include jewelry in the cluster, I went with some big wing earrings (similar here and here), and a cat brooch to hold this blazer dress together!


Wardrobe Cluster

18 Item Wardrobe Cluster

For the month of October, I will be posting outfits created ONLY out of the eighteen item wardrobe cluster I’ve chosen.

wardrobe cluster 0314

The wardrobe cluster should contain clothes as well as outerwear, shoes, bags, and accessories. I don’t include weather-specific wardrobe, like rain boots or umbrellas. Some people include jewelry, but I don’t think it’s necessary. Also I do not include underwear, which incidentally includes bralettes that I sometimes wear as tops. Oh well, we can cheat a little.

wardrobe cluster 0308

The important thing is to choose items that can you can double up. A wrap dress is a perfect example because it can be worn as a dress, but it can also double as a duster over something else. Tops should be longer so you can tuck them in, leave them out, or knot them at the waist. All these things helps us avoid monotony.

wardrobe cluster 0309
The LBD is another must in a wardrobe cluster. It can be worn alone, with any outerwear, or even with a tank over it. That’s the thing about wardrobe clusters, it forces us to get creative, and also teaches us what is important to have in our wardrobe.

wardrobe cluster 0310

Since my LBD is fitted, I chose a flared skirt to go in the cluster as well. I don’t work in an office, but if you do, a pencil skirt would be perfect here. This Phillip Lim skirt is great; it has gold buttons, but if the pockets are unbuttoned, you can’t see the gold. That makes this piece more versatile.

wardrobe cluster 0311

I’ve chosen a lot of neutral colors because they are easier to pair with each other to mix and match for a variety of looks. If you want to add colors, I’d go with khaki and ecru, those two are great for fall and easy to match with anything else.

wardrobe cluster 0313

Shoes and accessories should also be included in the eighteen item count. I went with Saint Laurent boots, black sandals, and tan pumps. These basics are sure to match with everything I’ve chosen. A double-sided belt is a great accessory. The red side of the belt adds color, while the black side can be used to create lines in the outfit.
wardrobe cluster 0312

I have a pair of leggings and a structured pair of dark brown YSL pants. The crop top I included so that I can wear the dress pants in a casual setting. It’s important to mix up the mood of the wardrobe cluster as well. Too many dressy options will leave you bored of the cluster and unable to keep pulling looks from it.


I’m really excited to try dressing from a wardrobe cluster for an entire month. I’ve already come up with a bunch of looks to wear, and I know more are in my mind bank ;)

I hope you’ll be inspired to try it yourself!

Colors for every skin tone

Three Colors That Look Good With Every Skin Tone

I love finding a color that looks good on my very pale skin, and I want to share that joy with you, so today’s post is all about colors for every skin tone.

colors for every skin tone 1

The first and easiest color to transition to is dark blue. If you wear a lot of black, navy is a great way to add some color to your wardrobe. It also works with every skin tone. If you’re really fair-skinned, and feel like all black makes you look gothic, navy is the way to go. Darker skin looks incredible against navy, and really makes the color pop.

colors for every skin tone 5

Khaki is my favorite color this season. If you have red hair, you know this color slays! I was surprised to see it work of me because I have green undertones, but it does! And it made me think that this is another one of those colors for every skin tone. Very dark skin would look amazing in this color too, especially paired with some silver or diamonds.

I’m really sorry I don’t have a model to show it off, but I’m picturing it really well in mind!

colors for every skin tone 9

This burgundy color was a huge hit a few seasons ago, and I want to bring it back. When choosing colors for every skin tone, a dark, deep color is best. The deeper eggplant works perfectly with every skin color on the spectrum.

colors for every skin tone 3

I love the drape of this Marc Jacobs dress, the one shoulder also creates a perfect fit.

Jay Godfrey one shoulder dress
Michelle Mason one shoulder dress
Ralph Lauren one shoulder dress
Missguided asymmetrical dress

colors for every skin tone 8

This Alexander Wang dress is very fitted, but the ruching takes away from its’ skin-tight appearance

Alexander Wang one arm dress
T by Alexander Wang aubergine dress
Cushnie et Ochs eggplant dress
Rory Beca long gown

colors for every skin tone 4

I guess I really have a thing for one arm dresses. I just like when things look unique and interesting. This dress with the cutouts definitely fits the bill. The only problem was the top kept riding up!

CHARLI khaki dress
Missguided midi dress
Missguided long sleeve dress
Khaki tank dress with choker

Shoes and Accessories

colors for every skin tone 6

With the khaki and navy dresses I chose a tan shoe. Recently, Christian Louboutin launched a shoe line in colors for every skin tone, and that’s the perfect pump to wear here.

Manolo Blahnik BB pump
Christian Louboutin patent pump
Christian Louboutin pump in tan

colors for every skin tone 2


For the eggplant dress, I chose a black shoe. I just think the color is so bright, it needs to be toned down.

Manolo Blahnik slingback
Oscar De La Renta slingback
Ivanka Trump patent leather pump

colors for every skin tone 7

For jewelry, I went with some smokey quartz studs with my navy dress. For the khaki dress I went with gold hoops and a bangle. And for the eggplant dress, to match the black shoe I chose some dark silver twig earrings.


I think these colors look incredible on everyone. Let me know what’s your favorite color to wear!

September POPSUGAR Must Have Box

Unpacking The September Must Have Box

must have box 0354

I’m so happy to have gotten the September POPSUGAR must have box. This is a monthly subscription service from POPSUGAR that sends you their favorite products every month! It’s a great way to try new things and find new products, all from a company you can trust.

The past few months the products in the Must Have Box were from stores like Barney’s, and lets not forget the swan drink floaty! That one was a huge hit!

Check out the boxes here, and don’t forget to use code Shop5 for five dollars off your first order!

Jack & Lucy Bicoastal Wide Brim Hat

must have box 0345

I would have to say that this month’s must have box is probably my favorite. When I opened it up and saw the hat, I knew it was gonna be good. I never really wear hats, I tried the wide rim fedora look when Saint Laurent had them out on the runway, but it never stuck.

must have box 0363

I’m absolutely in love with this hat! It’s wool and really soft, and looks great… plus it’s adjustable. I thought I would have to give it away, because hats are usually too big for me, but not this one.

It’s been too hot to wear it, but I’ve been trying it on.. A LOT.

NCLA Mani-ER Tool Kit

must have box 0347

Everything in the September Must Have Box fits into a purse. This mani kit is tiny but contains everything you need to fix your nails on the go. This couldn’t have come at a better time because the one manicure kit I’ve had for years is completely destroyed. I love that I can just throw it in my bag, or take it with me on vacation (LOL when will THAT be??)

Briogeo Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

must have box 0349

This is a HUGE tub of all natural, plant-based, no preservatives hair product. It would probably be too big to carry in your bag, but I don’t know why you’d need to carry it around :P

It smells amazing, and now that it’s really dry, my hair will absolutely love it!

Flint Lint Roller

must have box 0351

This lint roller is yet another item from the must have box that fits in your purse. It’s a great thing to carry around because no matter what kind of lint roller you have, it WILL open in your bag! This one actually rolls up from the inside so it won’t open on its own, collecting all the dust in your bag and rendering itself useless.

Smith & Cult Lip Lacquer in The Warning

must have box 0350

I love lip glosses, and because of this, I’m always running out! This gloss is very pigmented  so it’s a great combination of color and shine. I love a gloss like this when I’m not wearing any makeup, as it gives me some color but still looks casual. So far, I drank a very large coffee, and this still stayed on!

The Gluten Free Bites Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites

must have box 0346

You guys, I’m dead. I’m really picky about my snacks because I don’t want to eat anything that will cause me to break out. Sugar and other gross ingredients in a lot of sweets make my skin break out in impossible deep cysts on my jaw.

These snacks are gluten free, vegan, non GMO, and non-dairy so there literally is no way anything can go wrong. But they taste so good! It has just the right amount of chocolate so my cravings are satisfied. I’m not a big coconut fan, but these bites have a tiny hint of it!



I’m very grateful that POPSUGAR has sent me this Must Have Box to try.

Yes, this is a sponsored post, but I genuinely like and will use everything in this box. As you may have seen from my previous posts, I would never recommend something not up to par.

If you love surprises this box is perfect for you! All the products are full size and excellent quality, and I can’t wait to try them all.

pre-fall 2016

Pre-Fall 2016

What We Wear In September

As my last blog would have it, it’s heatwave time! I’m sweating balls right now, so my pre-fall 2016 outfit consists of, you guessed it, shorts and a tank.


The bodysuit trend is actually very popular right now, so it works well as part of my pre-fall 2016 look. The only complaint I have is that in the heat, it’s really warm with all these layers!

Missguided deep armhole bodysuit
Missguided halter suit
Alexander Wang bodysuit
Opaque body
Low back bodysuit
Second skin body

pre-fall 2016 2

The low back on these bodysuits really helps bear the heat. At the same time the look is a bit more polished and together.

pre-fall 2016 8

A favourite thing of mine in the heat is wearing a button down shirt as jacket. A simple silk button down like this Milly top is all you need in the summer, and it’s a must have for your  pre-fall 2016 wardrobe.

This Free People silk tunic is also a great summertime jacket!

pre-fall 2016 7

Finally, the shorts — probably the simplest and easiest thing to wear in the summer, or in this case, pre-fall. In Los Angeles these are a must pretty much year around. And in our super casual culture, pre-fall 2016 would not be complete without them.

Alexander Wang destroyed denim
Frame cutoffs
R13 light wash cutoffs
T by Alexander Wang shorts

pre-fall 2016 21

Shoes and Accessories

As you may already know about me, I like to make every casual look more structured and sophisticated, and every structured look more relaxed.

THE number one pre-fall 2016 shoe is the mule flat. Mine were inspired by these Alberta Ferretti mules (here in black). These shoes, or any of the other structured flats make this cutoff denim outfit look perfectly chic.

Phillip Lim D’Orsay flats
Paul Andrew d’orsay flats
Christian Louboutin wrap flat
Vince d’orsay flats

pre-fall 2016 5

I bought this backpack from Zara and in true Zara form they have ripped this design off from Akris (or so I like to tell myself). The triangle bag form Akris is a classic, and I love the architecturally inspired design.

Backpacks were another big trend this season and I believe will continue to be in pre-fall 2016 and beyond.

Alexander Wang mini backpack
Comme des Garcons nylon bag
Stella McCartney vegan leather bag

Finally, I went with just a simple bangle from Madewell to finish the look off. Check out this one if you feel like dropping 20 Gs on a gold bracelet ;PP

pre-fall 2016 6



Hope you’re all taking it easy, and getting ready for pre-fall 2016!!